Brief History
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In 1967, when the Faculty of Medicine was established two departments namely Department of Medical Biochemistry and Department of Veterinary Biochemistry were created.  The Department of Medical Biochemistry was chaired by Prof. C. Gregolin (1967-1970) followed by Prof. C.S. Rossi (1970-1971) and Prof.  L. Galzina (1971-1974) and Prof. L. Sartorelli (1975-1977) while the Department of Veterinary Biochemistry was headed  by Prof. R. Udail(1967-1972) followed by Dr. V.B. Mbaya (1972 -1977). By the year 1977, the two Departments were merged into a single Department of Biochemistry in the Faculty of Medicine under the Chairmanship of Prof. G. Maina (1977-1983) followed by Prof. R. Njogu (1983 -1989), Prof. N. Olembo (1989 – 1992), Prof. D. Makawiti (1992 – 2002), Prof. J. Mukuria (2002 – 2006), Prof. P.K. Kinyanjui from 2006 to 2015 and currently Dr. E.K.Muge .  The department is under the School of Medicine, College of Health Sciences.