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From: 14th April 2013


Clinical Industrial and Biochemical Consultancy (CIBCU) unit, is one of the major incoming generating units in the department of Biochemistry. The unit has four mandates, viz, Consultancy, Commercial (Industrial), Research and Training.
Since the year 2006, the unit has had a yearly successful two weeks practical training sessions on diverse Biochemical and Molecular Biology Laboratory Techniques. The target group for this course are Graduate and Postgraduate students, Researchers and Medical personnel within the country and the East African region. The training is designed to enhance hands-own experience and internship to provide the necessary workforce in biomedical sciences and research using diverse infrastructural and human resource base in the department.
The unit is also actively involved in research and product development. Already one such product SalDect a salmonella typhi, diagnostic kit is in the market where its performance has been rated as beyond expectation. Some of the ongoing research activities involve the improvement of the same kit to make it more rapid, sensitive and less costly.

This project has recently attracted research funding from the Deans’s committee (UNO) and National council for Science and Technology (NCST). The unit also partners and undertakes research projects from collaborators and clients on consultancy and research in areas where members are specialized and competent as related to biochemistry.
In the near future, we envisage setting up a diagnostic laboratory for consultancy and enhanced research in biochemical and clinical areas.

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